Principal – Leonard Theological College

Rev. Dr. Naveen Rao

“The Way of Life” in Greek ΟΔΟΣ ΖΩΣΑ is the motto proclaimed in the official monogram & seal of LTC. The Cross is nestled between the symbols of a Muslim architecture Arches on the top and it is rooted in the Hindu cultural & religious symbol of lotus at the bottom. This symbol means that the ministry of theological education is surrounded both at the top as well as bottom by the reality of religio-cultural plurality of India.

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Join our community of students from around the world helping you delve deeper into the Word

Our Degree Programs

Bachelor of Divinity

Bachelor of Divinity affiliated to Senate of Serampore College

Graduate in Theology

Graduate in Theology College Diploma

Women's School Certificate

For the Married Students’ wives it is a 4 years’ course (Residential)

Bachelor of Religious Education


For class 12 pass: 2 years’ course

Certificate of Religious Education


For class 10 pass: 2 years course

Church Worker's Course


Candidates sponsored by the Regional Deaconess Conferences of MCI for the ordained Deaconess ministry in the Church.

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Online Courses

LTC Online Courses

We are very happy to announce that we will be launching online courses very soon.

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Our Achievements

We have an impeccable  record of illustrious graduates who are serving the Lord in His vineyard and have reached the merits of Bishops and Moderators in various missions in India and Abroad.

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Admission Forms

Admission forms with Prospectus can be obtained any time in the year with a payment of Rs. 500/-


The academic year consists of Two Semesters of 16 weeks each. The Ist semester runs from June to October


Admission-Fee of Rs. 10,000 (non-refundable). Rest of the fee must be deposited in June while joining

Online Admission

The admission process begins early - Essential requirement for admission to LTC is Church sponsorship

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We offer the best in formal theological education in Central India.

Some of the college alumni are serving the Lord in illustrious positions as Bishops & Moderators in India and Abroad.


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